Ionized Alkaline Water in Portland, Oregon

Contaminant free. Energized. Alkaline. Antioxidant.

Lifespans tend to be longest in areas of the world where drinking water has two special properties: high pH (alkalinity) and negative charge (ionization). It is believed the extra negative ions may allow the water to permeate cells more readily, resulting in superior hydration and vitality. We use ionized alkaline water as a very powerful but gentle detoxifier. People with chronic pain issues such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even gout are reporting rapid and lasting relief!

Visit one of the water bars featured below to sample the water and to fill your gallon jugs:

Sole2sole Spa  (formerly Ashiyu) in Northwest Portland, Oregon, right on the streetcar line in the Alphabet District:

  • 2113 NW Northrup St.
  • Portland, OR  97210
  • 503-232-0920

Sole2sole Spa uses the AlkaViva (formerly IonWays), are makers of the highest quality systems on the market today. The water passes through two ultra-fine filters before being precision ionized between titanium electrodes. The water machine goes beyond ionization. We use the Alkaviva BioStone UltraWater filter, which removes up to 99.9% of contaminants. This includes chloramine, pharma, heavy metals, even chromium VI and arsenic.

So many of the things we eat and drink are highly acidic. Coffee, soda, wine, sports drinks and so on, all bathe our insides in strong acid. Even most bottled water brands have a pH of 5.0 or less! And yet the body prefers to be slightly alkaline (the opposite of acid). Human blood for instance has a pH of around 7.4. In response to acidic diets, the body has to work hard to buffer this acid burden. From the first drink many people notice an increase in mental clarity and enthusiasm for life. As you continue to drink alkaline water, the wide spectrum of benefits will manifest itself. Each person responds differently to the detoxifying effects of alkaline water. Many people experience weight loss benefits and find their craving for snacks and chocolate diminish.

Of course we cannot make any claims that alkaline water cures diseases, but the concept of de-acidifying your body is sound, and the effects it can have on your life are profound. And drinking alkaline water is completely safe and very inexpensive, so you have nothing to lose by trying it. Stop by Sole2sole Spa soon and take a gallon or two of alkaline water home with you.  Experts recommend eight 12-oz glasses of alkaline water per day for the average person. The water has a shelf-life of just a few days before it loses its ionization, so go ahead and drink up!

To learn more and to order from an authorized representative of AlkaViva products, please visit


5 thoughts on “Ionized Alkaline Water in Portland, Oregon

  1. I can definitely relate to the health and wellness benefits of alkaline water.

    I have experienced a history of chronic digestive disorders off and on for about 30 years. The first episode in my life was lactose intolerance. With some dietary adjustments (eliminating most cow’s milk, cheeses and yogurts), I began to feel better. Fairly recently, however, I developed an intolerance for gluten and a few other foods. After some “empirical” testing of my own, it became clear that I needed to explore further. My diet, although decent and healthy by comparative standards, was high in acidity and low in alkalinity. I began to eat more vegetables and fruits. Then, fairly recently, I discovered alkaline water! Due to the combination of a diet higher in alkalinity/lower acidity and ingesting about 8 cups of alkaline water each day, I am feeling so much better. I experience increased energy, do not crave sweet foods as much, and have lost some weight–just enough.

    I have been purchasing my water here at Ashiyu; the folks running it are knowledgeable, friendly and are always willing to lend an ear and offer suggestions. It’s a great place to get alkaline water, have a foot massage and soak (I’m going to do so soon; I notice people there who seem to be in a blissful state). It’s a great experience.

  2. I have been drinking the alkaline water for a while and I feel a world of difference. I have seen the alkaline water machines for a few years at different health shows, but they were out of my price range and I did not want to invest in a product that I was not 100% about. Ashiyu offers the perfect opportunity for people to try alkaline water for themselves. If you are unsure try it yourself, it will take a few days for your body to adjust, but the payoff off great! My recommendation: buy a punch card and enjoy drinking alkaline water, you will taste and feel the difference.

    The folks at Ashiyu are very helpful and will answer all of your questions. They also offer different services for overall health. (I can’t wait to try out their infrared sauna.) Thank you for selling alkaline water by the gallon, it has truly made a difference in my life!

  3. I’ve been drinking the alkaline water for about 3 months now and can honestly say, I will never go back to drinking “regular” water. I have more energy, have shed some weight (while in the winter I usually gain a few pounds), and feel absolutely great. I know I can attribute this to the alkaline water.

    I have felt great all winter – no colds etc. My body is no longer acidic, my cells and organs are nourished and oxygenized and my workouts much more intense!

    I highly recommend the alkaline water to everybody -whether you’re in great health or poor health – you will receive the benefits of this water and will notice immediately.

    Lastly, I want to recommend Ashiyu Spa. The owners are lovely people and I enjoy going there to fill up my water bottles.

  4. I’ve been drinking the alkaline water from Ashiyu for a couple months now and am amazed at how hydrated I feel compared to regular water. I’m sleeping better, thinking clearer and feel radiant. I highly recommend it!

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